Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rocky Mountains

Toward the end of the week, we went to Rocky Mountain National Forest, and once again I wish we had taken a couple of days to spend here. We saw elk and I saw a huge bull elk too! I would have loved to go hiking here, but after the Garden of the God hike, I knew we couldn't do it with the kids.

They views are incredible, the landscape is just so different from Indiana for sure.

We drove through, and met up with Joe's parents for lunch at Poppy's! The kids thought it was cool to eat at a place named after Poppy.

After lunch, Tom and Diane took the kids for us and Joe and I went on a horseback ride, the one thing we were wanting to do on our own. We opted for the two hour ride, instead of the one hour. It was just us and our tour guide, my horse's name was Rachel, lol. I was a little fearful at first, but I managed to loosen up a little into the ride. About 30 minutes into it, it started to POUR! was COLD! But we just had to laugh, the scenery sure did make up for the shivering. We cut our tour a little short, but it was fun!

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