Friday, July 29, 2011

Boulder, Colorado

The following week was spent in Boulder. We got together with Joe's brother, Ryan, and met up with Joe's parents. Ryan fixed dinner for us several nights and took the kids to a local toy shop. They each picked out a toy, Addie two miniature horses, and Judah chose a gun that launches an airplane (Judah really took his time choosing). We stopped for gelato too!
Ryan also showed us the old church that he is the musical director for. The church is beautiful with stained glass windows. The kids got a pipe organ lesson with Ryan.

The kids really liked Ryan's dog, Mo-mo, Adam liked him the most I think!

We got to hike up to Boulder falls with the kids one day and the next day we rode up to a secluded park up in the mountains and had a grill-out picnic. We hiked up to the falls there too. The rushing water was really cool!

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