Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Focus on the Fam & 7 Falls

Our days were pretty much packed with stuff to do in Colorado Springs, but it was fun and even relaxing to be able to come "home" put the kids to bed and relax on the balcony deck looking out over the city lights, that's probably what I miss most!
Anyway, the next day we wanted to "focus" on the kids...sooo we took them to Focus on the Family, did the tour and hung out in the toddler room a lot!
Adam LOVED goingback and forth under the log tunnel.
We ran into some folks from Jeffersonville too, weird!
There was a giant slide, which Addie was a little to short for, but Judah was able to do it..even though it was "a little too fast" after he rode it (he didn't go on it again). lol We grabbed Chik-fil-a and rode over to play putt-putt, it started raining (one of the typical quick afternoon showers there), so we postponed putt-putt and opted for Squeak for some ice cream (Squeak is a place you can get sodas mixed up with the flavor you pick). Back to putt-putt...Judah loved it, and I beat Joe by 3. ;o) Later we went "home" and made spaghetti. Fun day!

Thursday we rode over to 7 falls (also within a 15 minute drive. All the attractions are so close to each other there!) We rode the elevator up to a viewing deck, there was a gift shop too and the kids picked out some colorful rocks as a souvenir.

Then we took the many stairs (don't they look menacing) up the side of the falls and hiked up a little ways to the stream. Judah and Adelaide played in the water and Joe took pics.


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Jo said...

Awwww these are great! Mama should be happy!!! :)