Monday, January 31, 2011


A few weeks ago we took off for Lake Cumberland for a little weekend away. We rented a beautiful cabin with some friends, overlooking the lake. The view was awesome!
We spent most all of our time in the cabin, the kids played, and we relaxed. No worries of laundry piles, mopping floors or dusting! It was just a carefree way to re-energize from the long, cold winter.
Between 4 Iphones, 2 Ipads, stacks of games and space to run, the kids stayed entertained. We baked cookies, made fires, and sat around listening to guitar music. One of the highlights for the kids was the humongous jacuzzi tub! Bath time didn't come soon enough!
What a wonderful retreat...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cookie Decorating

This weekend was pretty uneventful and relaxing. Sunday afternoon we swung by our Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen, Joe and I are suckers for their iced sugar cookies! This weekend you could buy a decorating box, for 6 bucks you got three sugar cookies, three colors of icing, and colorful sprinkles. I helped Addie and Joe helped Judah. I realized after few seconds that I was doing it for her, what fun is that? Would she really remember decorating cookies if mommy was the one doing it? So I let her take over and Joe let Judah decorate his. They turned out to be a mile-high pile of multicolored sugar, but they loved them!
Sometimes you just have to relax a little and them learn.

We started making over my sewing room! It will take a little while, since we are doing a little at a time, but one wall is painted and Joe has begun hanging some shelves! I've found that the best bang for your buck, as far as shelving, is to buy a piece of MDF and have them cut it at the store. Lowe's MDF board was $32 for 3/4 inch board, and it was only 25cents a cut! I'll have more than enough shelving to store sewing stuff!

Adam is cutting his first tooth!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cookie Halves

The other day I bought the kids a cookie on the way home from somewhere. Judah ate his and when he was finished said "that cookie was really good! I should have broken it in half!" Why I asked? So that he would have the other half to eat now!
How funny!

Here's a few things we did today...

Kindergarten work

Time with the Potato Head family. They were meant to remind me of my mom and dad. Judah said so. The one with the two sets of eyes was done by Adelaide.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Laying the dinosaur to rest

It was a fighter, that's for sure. I'm not sure how old it was, but it's been in our family for 7 years. Given to us after being used, borrowed and stored for who knows how long. We tried to fix it... looks like it's a lost cause (or I'm just giving up, because I'm getting tired of the laundry piling up!) Yep, that's right. My washer is dead. We tried replacing the coupler after it decided to stop spinning. I hung that load of clothes on various objects outside, to try and lessen the load on my dryer. They were frozen blocks of ice in the morning.
We plugged it in and now it doesn't spin OR agitate. And I'm all one for saving money and getting it fixed, but I think it's more beneficial to us to just lay it to rest and get a new one. One that is more energy efficient and can wash more than a few towels at a time.
It's kinda sad, because I know this one was a good one. It's lasted a long time. I've joked about us dying before it would. Feels like I'm saying goodbye to an old friend.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post-Christmas Norm

Our tree is still up. I had the idea to take it down right before trash day on Monday, but Judah wanted to know why we were taking it down since it was so pretty and it made our living room pretty. So for one more week we have the tree up.
Today was spent post-Christmas de-cluttering toys. An overflowing bin of toys later, their room is organized, and the army men are separated from Mr. Potato Head. At least until tomorrow.
For now, it's relax mode with some of Enstrom's World Famous Almond Toffee, a very yummy Christmas gift.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My helper

I took Judah with me today to pick up a few groceries. Roaming the aisles of a store, trying to gather essentials has come to be a major dread lately. I usually put off going til the very last minute. But today, Addie had fallen asleep and Adam was happy in his bouncer, so I took Judah along for the company and the help.

He really is a help and I found it to be a lot more of an enjoyment, than going by myself. We strolled through the produce and picked out apples and cherries (on sale!). He decided he wanted pineapple, so we smelled and picked out a nice ripe one. He even remembered the butter for me, which I had not added to my list.

We rewarded ourselves with a chocolate chip cookie from Zaxby's on the way home. What a relaxing grocery run.. and I think I'll be taking my helper along with me more often.