Sunday, January 2, 2011

My helper

I took Judah with me today to pick up a few groceries. Roaming the aisles of a store, trying to gather essentials has come to be a major dread lately. I usually put off going til the very last minute. But today, Addie had fallen asleep and Adam was happy in his bouncer, so I took Judah along for the company and the help.

He really is a help and I found it to be a lot more of an enjoyment, than going by myself. We strolled through the produce and picked out apples and cherries (on sale!). He decided he wanted pineapple, so we smelled and picked out a nice ripe one. He even remembered the butter for me, which I had not added to my list.

We rewarded ourselves with a chocolate chip cookie from Zaxby's on the way home. What a relaxing grocery run.. and I think I'll be taking my helper along with me more often.

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