Friday, January 7, 2011

Laying the dinosaur to rest

It was a fighter, that's for sure. I'm not sure how old it was, but it's been in our family for 7 years. Given to us after being used, borrowed and stored for who knows how long. We tried to fix it... looks like it's a lost cause (or I'm just giving up, because I'm getting tired of the laundry piling up!) Yep, that's right. My washer is dead. We tried replacing the coupler after it decided to stop spinning. I hung that load of clothes on various objects outside, to try and lessen the load on my dryer. They were frozen blocks of ice in the morning.
We plugged it in and now it doesn't spin OR agitate. And I'm all one for saving money and getting it fixed, but I think it's more beneficial to us to just lay it to rest and get a new one. One that is more energy efficient and can wash more than a few towels at a time.
It's kinda sad, because I know this one was a good one. It's lasted a long time. I've joked about us dying before it would. Feels like I'm saying goodbye to an old friend.


Jamezz II said...

LOL...this is quite a sad story...I think I had a tear wanting to roll out...but that mightve just be crocodile tears :P lol

Amber C said...

hey I thought it was sad, but i'm over it now that I have my new front loader quietly swishing the stains out of the kid's clothes.. can't stop the progress. It even plays me a little tune when the cycle is done! *faint*