Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A few pics of Addie =o)

Joe has been busy working overtime.. which means I sorta work overtime taking care of the kids. I was happy to go visit mom and dad and the fam down in GA for a week, so that was a nice break for me! =o)

We just got this cute skirtie in the mail and I just had to show her in it. It's knitted wool by the way, you can lanolize it and use it for a diaper cover (over cloth diapers)there is a knitted soaker underneath.

And just because she was so cute after her bath..her hair was all sticking up!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Keeping busy! Just wanted to show off some new wool that Addie got in the mail recently! I got this set from Jeanine who also knitted Addie's "staying home" outfit. =o)

I also got a few pics of the kids with their teddy bears. Mom bought one for each of them when they were born. Judah sleeps with his and loves him. Addie's is actually bigger than Judah's, I hope she loves hers as much as Judah loves his...

..and I've decided to pick up my knitting again, all these awesome wool colorways I see online is making me what to knit Addie some longies. So I started practicing and finished this was blue (I don't know what I got blue!) so I embellished it with little flowers. It's a tad bit big for her and she keeps pulling it off. =oP