Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Bliss!

Addie's birthday came along and so did Judah's! I decided to have a "small" party for each of them. Meaning.. however many kids I can cram into my house right? Addie's was a little bit smaller with pink and purple decorations.

Judah had a guest list for his party and I invited each one of them. His was a little more planned with a race car theme (since he chose a hot wheels cake).
We made "license plates", played pin the tail on the donkey, and tire toss. They both had a blast and so did all the kids! Next up is Adam's birthday, and since he won't even know it's his, we'll just be getting him a little smash cake and call it a day. =o)

On another note, We've started homeschool this week with Judah in kindergarten. So far it's been great! Today we did a little science experiment with mixing colors. We made cupcakes and mixed colored frosting! Friday is a group trip to the local fire department, which I know they'll love. I'm going to try and make Kindergarten as fun as possible for him (and Addie, since she's right there next to him). I enjoyed school so much and I want them to enjoy it too!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Brainard Lake

We took a day and drove up to Brainard Lake, a beautiful lake surrounded by moutains. We brought a picnic along and while Joe did some fly fishing, the kids and I strolled around the lake and did some exploring.

On the way home we stopped again in St Louis and visited the arch again, this time we were able to go up. It took a loong time to be able to go up, lots of waiting, but Judah absolutely loved it. He had been so disappointed that we didn't get to go up on the way out to Colorado, so it was worth all the wait for him. =o)

Then before we knew it our excursion out west was over, we're left with tons of happy memories. I'm hoping the kids will remember a few of those too. =o)