Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Bliss!

Addie's birthday came along and so did Judah's! I decided to have a "small" party for each of them. Meaning.. however many kids I can cram into my house right? Addie's was a little bit smaller with pink and purple decorations.

Judah had a guest list for his party and I invited each one of them. His was a little more planned with a race car theme (since he chose a hot wheels cake).
We made "license plates", played pin the tail on the donkey, and tire toss. They both had a blast and so did all the kids! Next up is Adam's birthday, and since he won't even know it's his, we'll just be getting him a little smash cake and call it a day. =o)

On another note, We've started homeschool this week with Judah in kindergarten. So far it's been great! Today we did a little science experiment with mixing colors. We made cupcakes and mixed colored frosting! Friday is a group trip to the local fire department, which I know they'll love. I'm going to try and make Kindergarten as fun as possible for him (and Addie, since she's right there next to him). I enjoyed school so much and I want them to enjoy it too!

Happy Tuesday!

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