Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Unexpected fun!

Out of the blue, my mom, one of my sisters (I have two..and a brother) and my nephew decided to drive the 8 hours to come see us over this past weekend! Why not with the price of gas dropping under $2!?

So while we played hooky from our work, we visited and came up with a few fun things to do. We raked up leaves in the front yard with our broken rake (yeh it has no handle). Brandon and Judah had a ton of fun jumping in that small pile of leaves! The pile got even smaller as the leaves got crushed to a pulp!

Saturday we decided to do what I've always wanted to! We went a painted at this pottery place near here, Earth and Fire. Brandon chose a football helmet, Rebecca picked out a penguin ornament and Judah picked a race car. I also helped Judah with a train ornament. It was fun to begin with, but for a two year old...well let's just say he wanted to paint everything else. Mom is the best painter out of all of us! She had chosen a little snowman, very cute! This Saturday I'll be picking them up from being fired.

After painting we took the kids the "The Fun House" and let them run out some of that energy! What a fun day!

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