Saturday, October 2, 2010

Road trip to GA

Well, last weekend Mom, Beck and Brandon came to visit us. We all had a lot of fun together. I tend to decide a day or two before that I'll drive down to GA, and this was another one of those cases. So off we went to Georgia for Adam to meet more of his family. =o) On this trip so far he got to meet his Uncle Andrew, Aunt Rachel, Great-Grandma Smith, Great-Papa, Great-Grandma Wendy ;o), Great-Great Aunt Mary, Great Aunt Dottie, Great Aunt Shelia, and cousins Josh, Jeremy and Brooke. (I have no idea how to figure out the cousin thing so I won't even

Time has been spent visiting, resting and playing. Addie and Judah have enjoyed the new swing and Adam has enjoyed snuggle time with Grammy. It all ends too soon and we'll be headed home in a couple of days... I know Daddy misses all of us. =o)
Poppy made it back from his tennis match, and Judah and him got to build a bird house shaped like a ship.

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