Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Vacation - 1st Stop - Biltmore Estate

Summer is finally here! We are taking a break from work, and traveling to North Carolina! We stopped in Asheville last night, and stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton (got at a great deal on Priceline!). It's a really nice hotel! Fluffy beds, nice decor and free Wi-Fi (which is why I get to post right now!).
We drove into the Biltmore Village last night and had a yummy dinner at La Paz, love their fish tacos! I'd definitely eat there again. =o) We had to buy Joe some sunglasses for the trip, and Judah had to have some Spiderman ones.

Took a stroll down to a playground next to an old church, and let Judah run around for a little bit. Addie & Judah liked the little tunnel.

This morning we woke up bright and early, swung by a pharmacy for some socks (which I forgot to pack), and made our way to the Biltmore Estate! All I can say is it's amazing! All the acres of land... and the huge, huge house (castle as Judah would say). It's just awesome! We managed to do the self-guided tour through most of the house before taking a break for lunch. If you are just doing lunch, I would suggest packing one or driving back out to MickyD' about over-priced! Anyway, back to tour and finished up looking at the Basement with it's gigantic indoor pool.

Needless to say we were worn out after that, Judah was too..Addie managed to take a nap or two in the babyhawk. So although we would have liked to walk through the gardens and check out the farm,etc...we settled for driving through the park. Judah fell asleep before we could even get out of the gate. As you can see from the picture underneath, Teddy managed to make it on this trip to the Biltmore...we had to get a picture of both of them together. (Judah really loves Teddy!)

...Addie is fond of him too!

We drove back into the Biltmore Village, and stopped at the Ice cream Garden for an ice cream cone. Then headed back to the hotel...where everyone took a nap.
We checked out the Mellow Mushroom for dinner. It's within walking distance from our hotel, so we walked...super busy but very, very tasty! Joe had a pepperoni calzone and I tried the Chicken Jerk grilled sandwich. Yum!
Tomorrow we plan to check out the Tupelo Honey Cafe, which is supposed to be a big deal around here, for "brunch". (So hopefully that will cover breakfast and lunch.) I heard they are known for their sweet potato pancakes!
Then it's on to Oak Island, NC to the beach! Judah has been talking about it the whole trip (I don't think he was super thrilled about the


Jamezz II said...

Haha these are awesome. If I was Judah's age I wouldn't like a big old house either ;P

Monster Fluff Studio said...

Yeh, he really didn't like it. lol