Tuesday, February 3, 2009

...more snow

More snow fell today... it managed to cover up our nicely shoveled driveway. Just a small amount compared to what went on last week. yuck.

Anyway, life goes on. Judah has been learning to recognize his letters..for the past two mornings we have been going over a pre-school curriculum, part of which he already knows. Today we learned the letter M and the number 2..and went over the color yellow. He really likes playing school and hanging his work on the refrigerator. =o)

Yesterday someone came and picked up our futon (from craigslist)..and my plan is to use that money and space to make a play/school area. I am really inspired by this mom's playroom!

Taxes have been filed! TurboTax is a wonderful thing! You can file online! We did the free version (which you have to pay to file state $25).

Tomorrow the plan is to get up early and sew, before we're off to grandma's house.
And here's what's on my laptop background. =o)

(sorry for the scattered train of thought in this post.. I think I'm losing my mind from cabin fever! lol)

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