Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's getting cold..

Here we are, and it's November, Turkey Day is a few weeks away and I'm REALLy looking forward to everyone coming up (don't let me down! lol). We've been raking up leaves and bracing ourselves for the cold months. It's still pretty with a few warm sunny days here and there. We made playdoh one day and Addie made a monster, Judah made a tadpole.
After a really looong week of Adelaide being sick (I think she's almost over it), we took a drive yesterday just to get out of the house and breathe. We stopped off at our ice cream place and got ice cream, Addie got rainbow, Judah got cookiesncream, Adam shared my banana and Joe's cookie dough.

We drove through Clark State park and stopped to let the kids play for a few minutes, Addie promptly lost her ice cream. =o( But she kept on playing.
So that's a recap of the past couple of weeks, nothing too crazy, just our daily life. lol

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