Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We've been getting ready for the cold season. It's kinda hard to believe winter is just now starting. =oP We've gotten snow and ice over the past couple of weeks and it's only just beginning. To keep busy and entertain the troops, we decided to do a snowflake project. I think Joe and I had more fun than the kids! Glitter and paper were strewn across the table (and floor), but it was worth it!
If you can't remember how to make these, don't feel bad..it took us a couple of tries before our snowflakes started looking less like blocks of paper with holes. Here's a snowflake tutorial (that I should have looked up before we started!)


Krista said...

Your snowflakes turned out super cute!!!

Amber C said...

thanks! the kids were thrilled that we were finally pulling glitter out!